3 Tips to Creating Enticing Tweets

Twitter is a great platform for small businesses looking to share and make announcements but is best used to drive people to the business blog or website. But to get people to the site, the Twitterverse has to actually read and be pulled into the tweet (headline and link). Here are 3 tips (+one bonus) on how to best create tweets that entice people.

1. Use a sexy headline. We all know that sex sells however, I am not recommending you use actual sexual innuendos. What I am saying is to use headlines that are interesting and that attract people.  When checking my Twitter feed (and I scroll through pretty fast) what catches my eye are titles that ask a question, use numbers, evokes curiosity, start with “how to,” or that refer to a specific audience. Here are a few examples:

            Ask a question: “Do You Really Know How to Use Twitter?”

            Use numbers: “5 Tips to Starting a Business”

            Evoke Curiosity: “5 Ways to Become Better Organized. I Never Even Considered #3.”

            How to: “How to Market a New Product.”

            Audience reference: “For Women With Families and Their Own Business, You Can          Have Balance.”

2. Use images. Hands down, tweets with pictures get more engagement and retweets. According to research conducted by Media Blog, adding a photo to a tweet can boost the tweet by 35%. Don’t confuse this with the image within the post itself. You will want to add the image into the actual post.  And make the picture sexy by including a captioned overlay on top of the image. There are lots of free and inexpensive tools you can use to do this.  I use Canva to create my image and use free high res images from Death to Stock Photo when using actual pictures.

3. Use hashtags. Hashtags help people find tweets. Once a person has done a search on a hashtag, you want them to click on your tweet not just because it came up in their search but, because you had an amazing tweet before the hashtag. The hashtag aids in search but your tweet will attract or deter people.

As a bonus tip, be sure to use short links. There are 140 characters per tweet.  You most certainly do not want the link to your posts or site eating up your characters. After you’ve created your enticing title, make sure to include a short link.  I use bitly when I am not posting through my social media automation tool Sprout Social (it shortens the link automatically).

Have any additional comments or thoughts on creating enticing tweets? Please share below.