5 Social Media Time-Saving Tips

One of the many benefits of social media is that it’s practically free. However, when you take into account the time it takes to manage social media so that it’s really helping the business, it may not feel like it. So the time and energy you put into social media are well-worth it, here are 5 time-saving social media tips:

1.      Schedule your post in bulk. Scheduling creates efficiency, consistency, and flexibility. It takes less time to stop and schedule a bunch of posts all at once than it does to stop every time you have a new blog post. With scheduling, you can link your social media accounts so posts are sent out across all of your platforms and are scheduled to be shared during the times your customers are most likely to see them. If you take a day or week off or just forget to post, you will have posts in the queue already to go. (I use Buffer and SproutSocial for all of my scheduling.)

 2.      Create a content calendar. Content calendars ensure you have something new and relevant to share. Consider a theme for the month and create content around that theme. Be creative and think outside of just blog posts. Include content like quotes, images, upcoming events, videos, appointment availability, or a new menu or service offering.

 3.      Don’t try to be everywhere. Go to where your customers are. If you have 2,000 followers on Twitter and only 10 likes on Facebook, then you don’t need to be on Facebook (just yet). It’s a waste of your time and your energy.  Instead, make the investment in growing and engaging your time on the platform with the most engagement.

4.      Repurpose content. It’s ok to re-share posts and thoughts you’ve shared before.  In fact, you may see better engagement the second time around.  Just be sure to space out the content so that it doesn’t appear to close together.

 5.      Have a purpose for your social media.  Know why and how you plan to use social media for your business and build your social media plan, scheduled posts, and content calendar around that purpose.  You want to make sure the time and energy put into social media is well worth the investment.