7 Signs You’re an Employedpreneur

I’ve been meeting more and more people like myself who are holding down a 9 to 5 and building a business on the side.  I like to call us “employedpreneurs” and have compiled a short list of the ties that bind us together. Being an employedpreneuer ain’t easy on our minds, bodies, or lifestyles but we do it because we want something more meaningful, that makes sense, and that is owned and embraced by our natural abilities. 

1. You work full time for someone else and are building your own business after work and on the weekends. You’ve been in the workforce for a little while and am now working on an exit strategy that supports your dream to work for yourself and doing something that you genuinely care about.  

2. You feel a sense of relief when you meet someone who tells you they too work full-time and have a side hustle. It feels good to know there are other people in the world who get and understand it.  All of it.

3. At least once a day, you find yourself thinking, “this is temporary.” Because it is. We know we will not live the “workforce” life forever and we have an addiction to coffee (or tea), sleepless nights, can’t talk too much last night’s episode, never ending to-do list, and notebooks filled with thoughts to prove it.

4. You keep your entrepreneur business on the low at work. Unless you are doing the exact same work as your full-time employer for the same customers, there is no conflict of interest and so you don’t feel obligated to share your outside activities with your employer or co-workers.  

5. When sitting in meetings at the full-time that have absolutely nothing to do with you, you find yourself thinking about and writing down the 100 other things you could be and need to be doing for your own business. Some call it boredom but employedpreneuers refer to it as time management.

6. You step out during the day to take and make calls all while trying to be discreet – mostly around the lunch hour. You strategically set up calls during your lunch hour because employedpreneurs maximize any and all free time. (I think most of our efforts are built around time-management).

7. You are sometimes amazed at how hard you grind and “work” but you understand that it’s necessary. Others don’t get it. You have a job that pays well, why this too? Employedpreneurs know that there is more to our lives than just having a job that pays well.  We want to be responsible for creating a life on our own terms and for having a direct impact on others.

I believe the saying is “the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.” Keep on keepin on my fellow employedpreneurs.