8 Things I Discovered at BullCon15


Last weekend I attended and spoke at the Bullish Conference, a conference for ambitious, world-changing, entrepreneurs, creatives, and corporate ladder-climbing fearless women. Referred to as BullCon15, over 45 women from all over the world attended the NYC hosted two and a half day event.  This past week, I digested and reflected on how much I enjoyed sharing my experiences as a “bullicorn” and also thought about ways to refine my presentation for future engagements. But in the midst of my “self-check,” I uncovered the following:

Coloring is still cool, even after 30.  While I wasn’t able to attend the first night, I stalked BullCon15 on IG and Twitter during the opening event which included  an evening social that included the coloring of feminist drawings and champagne. Admittedly, I was a little jealous.

People still read books hardcover books.  There was a book swap where women exchanged actual books. Thank you BullCon15 for validating my monthly trips to the bookstore.

Always have dynamic Speakers. There were women with all types of backgrounds in the room but interesting enough, they all share at least one common factor; the desire to do and want more and each of the speakers contributed to this factor with their own story, expertise, and personality. There was a speaker for everybody! (Shoutout to all of the speakers: Jennifer Dziura, GetBullish Founder and Entrepreneur, Tonya Rapley, Personal Finance Expert and Founder of MyFabFinance, Tiffany Pham, Founder and CEO, MOGUL, Holley Murchison, Communications Expert and Founder of Oratory Glory, Laura Vanderkam, nationally-known Time Management Expert and Author of "I Know How She Does It," Carrie Goldberg, Attorney for justice for women, Hillary Rea, Founder of Tell Me A Story an expert on using storytelling for business and careers, and me, Jasmine Smith, Small Business Brand Strategist and Women Entrepreneur Advocate, founder of Jasmine Smith Co.

A venue sets the tone for an event. BullCon15 was hosted at MEET on Chrystie a woman inspired meeting space that combines art, design, technology, and service. I am pretty sure I’ve never been in a meeting room or event space with such radiant colors. The creative energy throughout the space was so amazing that I found myself jotting down creative ideas for my brand.  There were comfy couches and over 21 lamps. From the moment I walked through the all pink hallway, I knew BullCon15 was going to rock.


Speakers can learn too.  Since attending the conference I’ve reached out to two of the speakers (MyFabFinance.com and Tell Me A Story) regarding their services.  It’s easy for speakers to assume the role of “I’m just here to speak,” but really, we too should spend time soaking in the goodness of the event in addition to mingling with attendees.

Wine and tiaras are the perfect accessories for a women’s event. No explanation needed.

Jennifer Dziura is a genuine badass. And a total sweetie pie! An Entrepreneur and Speaker, Jennifer began writing Get Bullish in 2010.  What began as a blog quickly morphed into an organization and conference. I love that the same person who I follow online, emailed, spoke to over the phone, and tweeted with, was the same person offline except, she was much shorter that I had anticipated.

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