How to Prepare Your Business for Social Media

Thinking of taking your business social? You should and here are a few tips on how to prepare your business for for social media.

Have a clear understanding of how you will use social media. You’ve made the decision to go social now what? First, set a few social media goals so that our social media efforts serve a purpose that will ultimately help your business. Decide if you want to use social media to attract new customers, drive traffic to your website, or create awareness for a particular event, cause, or promotion. Whichever the case, set a few goals so that you have something to build around and work towards.

Pick a platform that works for the business and your customers. After you’ve set your social media goals, do some research on the usual social media suspects; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope. Although you may use these platforms for personal use, you will need to understand how businesses use them. Some work best with images (hi res only please), links with pictures (keep them short), and some with video (must have good lighting, sound, and quality). And, find out which platforms your customers are using the most - this will be the place where you will most likely find the best level of engagement.

Identify what you will share and when. Before posting and uploading, have a well thought out 30 day plan that includes what you will share and talk about. Consider topics that are relevant  and of interest to your customers. Add in a line about how you will handle negative commentary and how often you will post.  To save time and energy, use a free scheduling app like Buffer or Hootsuite and schedule your posts.

Commit to being social. The only way for social media to help your business and for you to see the value of social media is if you are committed to being social.  Social media takes time to grow and depending on the content being shared, it will take time before you experience growth and interaction.

Should your business be on social media? Absolutely. Just understand what you are getting into and prepare for all that needs to be done for social media to really work and to help your business.