Social Media Best Practices

There are lots of things that you can be done with social media but here are a few that must be done if you want your social media to be effective.

Choose the right platform.  There is no need to be on every social media platform. Instead find the right platform for your business (and your audience). Whichever platform you choose, be consistent.

Be human. When communicating and socializing, do it in a way that people understand. Keep your posts, tweets, and comments short and sweet and stay away from industry lingo.

Know your audience. Even if you have a few followers, you have an audience.  Be sure to post and give them content that they want to read and share. If you are unsure about what your audience wants, start with your industry tips or topics, conduct a survey, or just ask them. 

Automate. There are lots of affordable tools that will allow you to schedule posts. This helps to save time and is a good way to ensure consisted posting. If you choose to automate, don’t get too relaxed. You sill still need to engage.

Engage consistently. For social media to work, you have to be SOCIAL.  This means posting content, commenting, sharing, and following folks.  Don’t just post a picture or text, but take time to read comments and see what your community are conversing about. Respond and join in on their conversations. 

Be creative. Don’t feel like you have to post long paragraphs of content. People don’t read them and you may turn some folks away.  Thankfully, some social media platforms will not allow you to post too much content (Twitter). Use photos, images, and quotes to break up the type of content you post.

Set goals. Know what you want to get out of social media and stick to it. Ultimately, this will help you to determine the effectiveness of your social media efforts.