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jasmine smith

Founder & Lead Planner. Color coded closet + truffle fries addict. Fueled by her ability to organize, multi-task, boss, collaborate, and plan seamlessly - Jasmine is able to pull an event and everyone involved together and has done so successfully for the last 12 years. With a background in public relations and marketing, being in the details and strategic planning come natural to her.


emma gibson

Associate Planner. Most Likely to Make Everything Picture Perfect. As the resident perfectionist (and photographer) of the team, she takes a lot of pride in making sure an event looks and goes exactly as planned. From Richmond, VA, she is very fond of her family, first snowfalls, plantains, and watching (okay, crying at) wedding films.


Ja'el Daniely

Senior Associate Planner. Most likely to embody Olivia Pope during a wedding, "It's handled." Ja'el has traveled to 11 different countries in one year and speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish, Italian). She frequently changes the lyrics to known songs and convinces herself that the artist got them wrong.